Nestled among the green garden streets of the Gonzales neighbourhood is a quiet little road named Irving. It’s a scenic area of Victoria, and a pleasant place for a Sunday drive.

It’s also the location of Nu-View Homes’ latest project, and it has us very excited.

According to the size of the lot, and the location of the house, city rules dictated that the entire building would need to be moved back 7 feet and over to the side by 10 inches.

The whole house.

We’re used to picking up and moving building materials, but a whole house demands some special attention to detail. This is a heritage building, originally built in 1911.

Everything has gone smoothly so far, the crane arrived on schedule and the heritage house has been moved into place successfully.

What comes next:

Now standing on new legs, the Irving project will begin in earnest. Excavation for the site will begin, we’ll lay the foundation out, and new frames and forms will need to be built.

In order to meet the City’s heritage requirements, the exterior of the house needs to look just as it always has. Making a new home look like an old home isn’t always a simple task, and we’d love to show you how this is done. This is why we have a time-lapse camera set up on the site. In minutes you’ll see months of progress, and it should give you a good idea of how things progressed.

This area is full of history, and it’s been great to learn about the home from previous tenants. I would love to tell you some more about it, but perhaps that can wait until next time.

Until then, keep safe.

Keith Andrews
Owner and Founder
Nu-View Homes