Are you thinking about embarking on a home renovation?  You’ve probably heard of some renovation horror stories that sound incredibly painful…why would someone even take on a reno unless they have unlimited time and money to burn?!  It doesn’t always work out that way, however…especially if you plan ahead!

Where To Start?

Kitchens are a great space to renovate in your home.  Chances are your family spends a ton of time there and kitchen renos have one of the highest Return on Investment of any home renovation/upgrade.  Renovating the kitchen gives you the opportunity to lay out the floor plan to exactly how you work in it, maximizing efficiency and making your life easier!

Do Your Research

There are tons of great resources online (Houzz, Pinterest, etc.) to help you get inspired on the type of design aesthetic you want for your kitchen.  Making a “wish-list” is also extremely helpful so you can prioritize your needs and your wants.  One of the first things you should do is to research and select your appliances.  The kitchen is designed around these and they also make up a large portion of your budget.

Controlling Budget – Be Prepared

Being prepared with a detailed set of plans will save you money and time.  Try to make all your changes ‘on paper’…moving walls/changing the layout on paper during the design phase is much more economical than moving and changing the real thing!    Also, if you’re budget-conscious, try not to make too many structural changes…these can add up in a hurry!

Where To Spend Your Money

That $40/sq. ft. tile may look absolutely amazing, but if your budget doesn’t reach to the sky, picking a flooring that is more economical, but still durable and aesthetically pleasing is a good idea.  Try to spend your money between your ‘knees and your shoulders’ and on the things that you’re always touching/using (appliances, faucets, slow-close drawer/door hardware, etc.).  Also, make sure to work with a great designer and a great builder/contractor.  They can help you get some great pricing on your products and materials and they’ll make the kitchen of your dreams into reality!