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The Isabella is ready for her close up!

We’ve been extremely busy over here @ Nu-View Homes getting The Isabella ready to show off!  The suites are now complete and Unit #2 has already sold! Don’t worry though; there are still two others that you could make your own!

Unit #3 is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom 920 sq. ft. condo.  Inside you’ll fantastic finishes, Chef-Series appliances and a remote controlled gas fireplace. It also has a spacious south-facing patio that is perfect for entertaining guests and barbequing.

Unit #1 is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom 1604 sq. ft. townhouse that boasts a master suite that occupies the entire upper floor! Exquisite finishing and attention to detail went into creating this showcase suite that also includes a 520 sq. ft. south-facing deck!

The Isabella is a Character Conversion project and the interior of Unit #1 is a perfect example of this. Inside, historical features exist symbiotically with contemporary touches. This is epitomized perfectly in the kitchen and the adjacent dining room. The dining area is crowned by a beautiful coffered ceiling and the sleek, white gloss cabinets that wrap the adjacent kitchen aesthetically contrast the historical detail. The meshing of “old” and “new” features throughout the interior is nothing less than stunning!

Oh, and speaking of Unit #1’s kitchen! It was built by our very own Nu-View Homes’ crew and it is pretty fantastic if we do say so ourselves! If you or anyone you know is looking to renovate a kitchen, give us a call! We’d love to transform your outdated, drab or unfunctional kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams!

We’ve set up a Presentation Centre @ 344 Irving Road that’s open Monday-Tuesday 10:00am – 6:00pm, Wednesday-Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm.  The Isabella is ready for her close-up, so please come check out this gem for yourself!

Home Renovations – Kitchens

Are you thinking about embarking on a home renovation?  You’ve probably heard of some renovation horror stories that sound incredibly painful…why would someone even take on a reno unless they have unlimited time and money to burn?!  It doesn’t always work out that way, however…especially if you plan ahead!

Where To Start?

Kitchens are a great space to renovate in your home.  Chances are your family spends a ton of time there and kitchen renos have one of the highest Return on Investment of any home renovation/upgrade.  Renovating the kitchen gives you the opportunity to lay out the floor plan to exactly how you work in it, maximizing efficiency and making your life easier!

Do Your Research

There are tons of great resources online (Houzz, Pinterest, etc.) to help you get inspired on the type of design aesthetic you want for your kitchen.  Making a “wish-list” is also extremely helpful so you can prioritize your needs and your wants.  One of the first things you should do is to research and select your appliances.  The kitchen is designed around these and they also make up a large portion of your budget.

Controlling Budget – Be Prepared

Being prepared with a detailed set of plans will save you money and time.  Try to make all your changes ‘on paper’…moving walls/changing the layout on paper during the design phase is much more economical than moving and changing the real thing!    Also, if you’re budget-conscious, try not to make too many structural changes…these can add up in a hurry!

Where To Spend Your Money

That $40/sq. ft. tile may look absolutely amazing, but if your budget doesn’t reach to the sky, picking a flooring that is more economical, but still durable and aesthetically pleasing is a good idea.  Try to spend your money between your ‘knees and your shoulders’ and on the things that you’re always touching/using (appliances, faucets, slow-close drawer/door hardware, etc.).  Also, make sure to work with a great designer and a great builder/contractor.  They can help you get some great pricing on your products and materials and they’ll make the kitchen of your dreams into reality!



The Irving Project is now “The Isabella”

Progress is coming along nicely down at 344 Irving Road in Fairfield. The units have taken shape and the finishing details are being added with cabinets, plumbing fixtures, tile and flooring being installed.

Nu-View Homes The Isabella Bathroom

What’s in a name?

With the finish line coming into view, this beautiful character conversion project needed an equally special name and the fabled pioneer, Isabella Ross, provided the inspiration. Isabella was the wife of Hudson Bay Company Chief Trader (at Fort Victoria) Charles Ross and was the first woman to own land in Victoria.

Isabella Ross Marker

Own a part of this masterpiece!

Construction will be complete in the next few months. In the meantime, you can visit www.theisabella.ca to check out the details of the project.

What’s next?

Keep an eye out for out next endeavor, The Armadale, located in beautiful James Bay at 549 Toronto Street.

Nu-View Homes The Armadale

The Irving Update – Coming Into Focus

Our current project on Irving Road in the Gonzalez neighborhood of Victoria is moving along nicely.  Important technical aspects like the plumbing rough in, and electrical rough in have been completed and we’ve gone ahead and backfilled the foundation.

The concrete has been poured and leveled for the two downstairs units, and the boys have been busy erecting the interior walls.

It’s getting easier to imagine the finished product.

Sure everything is concrete and bare wood right now, but can you see all the light coming in through that window? It’s easy to see how great the kitchen will look here.

Nu View Irving New Kitchen

There could be more cabinet space… but we will work on that later.

Our office desk might be made out of plywood and nails, but there’s no reason this shouldn’t be someone’s ideal workspace someday.

We can’t get ahead of ourselves of course. There’s still a lot of work to be done down here.  The fire separation needs to be completed, and we’ll be starting work on the upstairs portion soon. It’s good to have a vision of the finished product though. When you know what you’re driving for, it’s easier to take the straightest path towards your goal.

Nu-View Irving Office Desk

Our team dog “Timber” has tried to teach us this valuable lesson with his own keen vision.  Where some people might see only a bobcat excavator bucket, he sees a comfortable bed in the sun. You have to respect that eye for potential.

Nu-View Irving Timber Job Site Dog

Found in the Top 100

As we talked about last week, the Irving Project in Victoria is coming along nicely. Our plan to renovate this Fairfield heritage home into three distinct luxury condo’s is still in its early stages, but already we are seeing some great indications of success.

Canadian Real Estate Magazine released a report this week detailing the Top 100 Canadian Neighbourhoods to invest in. Fairfield in Victoria was right at the top, sharing space with neighbourhoods like Vancouver’s Yaletown for its unique homes and tree-lined avenues.

It feels good to be a part of this areas reputed potential, but for now we still have a project to finish.

News 1130 reported on the story here.

The Irving Project

Nestled among the green garden streets of the Gonzales neighbourhood is a quiet little road named Irving. It’s a scenic area of Victoria, and a pleasant place for a Sunday drive.

It’s also the location of Nu-View Homes’ latest project, and it has us very excited.

Burning Questions for BC Houses Under Construction

The tragedy of the recent fires in Maple Ridge has been all over the news. Four homes under construction were burnt to the ground. With such a large fire scorching the neighborhood it is good to hear that no one was harmed. But that is where the news story ends.

Large fire, no one hurt, carry on.

What happens to the homeowners now? Who is responsible to cover the losses? Did they have insurance? Did the builder have insurance?

These are questions faced by the owners of the destroyed homes long after the story is over. In the meantime, other property owners who plan construction projects should examine their own preparedness.

Questions of Liability

If you are working with a reputable builder, they should have an insurance plan that protects the construction project from disaster that results from negligence and many other causes. If your building project requires multiple trades or contractors, then you should ensure that each carries their own insurance, or have a contract clarifying that your supervising contractor is responsible for the ensuring they do.

In addition a construction company may carry insurance to protect itself from natural disasters such as fire, flood, storms or earthquakes. A builder that looks after these details may make you feel safe, but are you really protected in the event of a fire?

Certainly your builder may be but this does not necessarily provide you with full recovery. You should ensure that you have your own construction insurance. Home insurance policies do not typically cover properties under construction. Without appropriate insurance you may not recover any losses at all.

In the case of a fire during construction, if it can be proven that it was the result of negligence on the part of the contractor, then you will be able to sue for any losses suffered. If the contractor is insured the insurance company will normally be required to pay any damages awarded.

But what if the builder DOES NOT have insurance?

This will usually be a significant problem. Budgets are always tight, and saving a few dollars on contracting costs may seem appealing at first. The odds may seem small that something will go wrong, but when it does, it can cost you everything. Suing a contractor in negligence may be prudent when that contractor has insurance to cover the loss. When that is not the case, the contractor could be forced to declare bankruptcy, which could lead to your own bankruptcy hearing.

– Ensure you have a contract, in writing that sets out legal responsibilities before the work starts
– Make sure your contractor has sufficient insurance coverage – ask to see a copy of the policy.
– Make sure you have your own insurance. It could save you from personal ruin.

—James A.S. Legh

A partner at Stevenson, Luchies & Legh Victoria Law Firm; Mr. Legh has been practicing law and Construction Law in Victoria since 1987. Providing advice in a wide area of legal fields, he practices mainly in litigation, and has represented clients in Courts across Canada and in the United States.

Have A Look At Our Latest Renovation!

Balancing practical living space with a social lifestyle can seem precarious at the best of times, but the fantastic design elements in this combined kitchen and living area have done a great job complementing both aspects of the lifestyle.

Stainless steel appliances are complemented by brushed stainless trim, sink fixtures, and cabinet pulls. Meanwhile, the cabinets themselves were built using sustainable, fast growing bamboo, tying the modern design to a traditional look and feel.

The kitchen island provides additional storage, and workspace. The bar area adds to that counter space, but separates the social area from the kitchen by lifting the bar countertop away from the kitchen counters. This kind of intuitive design makes hosting simple and fun by giving guests a clearly defined space to relax, all while keeping them close to the action.

Dark granite was used for the countertops themselves, and dark hardwood flooring was chosen to cover the whole area from the kitchen into the living room. The connected look and feel of both rooms gives the perception of additional space, and makes it an ideal spot to entertain.

The custom shape to the windows in the living area uses every inch available for more light, and an additional sense of connectivity in the design. This was a really great architectural feature of the room, allowing us to build something unique for the homeowner.

It feels great to be able to showcase such a beautiful design as we launch the site. If you think your own home has some unfinished potential, let us know. We’d love to hear your ideas.

Nu-View Homes has a New Builder Blog

There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing a project come together after all the hard work is done. The new website is finally here, and we’re very excited to have a new way to communicate with our clients.

Community is an important concept to us at Nu-View, so we will be using this site in a way that hopefully benefits you, and gives a little something back.

We’ll keep you up to date on local developments within the community, and how they may affect you. If we can offer a helpful suggestion for a DIY project, we’ll write about it here. We’ll also post pictures of renovations and new housing projects.  Maybe you’ll pick up on a few ideas for your own projects.

Don’t have time to check for a Nu blog every week? Nu-View is also going social with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Keep us in your feed, and we’ll keep you updated on all the neatest residential projects in Victoria. Looking forward to a lot of good times in the future here in Victoria, and around the Web.  See you there.